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Terms and Conditions

Margaret River Elopements agrees to:

  • Provide an opportunity for up to 10 of your closest family or friends to witness the ceremony
  • Introduce & or put you in contact to the appropriate suppliers of the Margaret River Elopements Team.
  • Communicate with you via email, text, or face to face to make sure everything runs smoothly on your day.
  • Find the right location, look after your paperwork, and create a meaningful marriage memory.

You agree to:

  • Pay a non-refundable $300 booking fee at the time of booking with a $1000 payment 3 weeks later and the final payment is required 1 month before your wedding day.
    In the event of cancelling with Margaret River Elopements (known as MRE from hereafter) with more than one month's notice, your required booking fee will be retained to cover work to date. Other suppliers booked in conjunction with your package may also pass on cancellation fees of their choice. It is up to the bride and groom to ask to see other suppliers' terms and conditions. In the event of cancelling with less than one month's notice, the total amount of your booking will be retained.
  • To understand that once full payment is made there are no refunds, we just can't offer your date to someone else if you decide to withdraw later on because we've already said no to other enquiries and so a loss of income has taken place, we hope you understand.
  • Check with us (MRE) that the date you want is free before paying your booking fee.
  • To understand that public holidays will incur a 20% surcharge and some accommodations may or may not be available or have a 3-night minimum stay in PEAK times.
  • To understand that the MRE package is the package, the changes will be at the discretion of MRE and if too many changes are made there will be a cost involved for work to date.
  • Have all the legal documents signed and completed 1 month and 1 day before your actual ceremony date.
  • Arrive on time.
  • Let us know how many guests are witnessing your ceremony.
  • To understand that postponing your wedding day date will incur a charge from Margaret River Elopements for extra work done to rearrange your wedding day to the postponed date and also be of the understanding that Margaret River Elopements team consisting of individual businesses may incur their postponing fee.
  • To understand that MRE will view your photographs.  If you tick 'yes' to the question on our Enquiry Form asking for permission to use them, this means you agree to allow us to use the photographs either by sharing on social media or using them on the MRE website.
  • QUOTING : It's been necessary to introduce an admin fee due to a lot of time and care going into each wedding day quote including MRE’s suppliers holding dates for couples who may not intend to go ahead with their package but rather are shopping around for prices.  Please consider the time and care that goes into the creation of your wedding day.  From your first point of contact, MRE will treat you and your wedding day with personal care and attention.  Thank you.
  • COVID : MRE does not refund for restrictions, MRE will refund for a government lockdown where you cannot travel to the Southwest. Please understand that the MRE team can consist of individual businesses that may incur their own lockdown fee.
  • INTERNATIONAL & INTERSTATE : Due to the uncertainty we recommend travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances. Couples who decide not to purchase travel insurance agree to self-insure.

Thank you for reading our Terms and Conditions and for your understanding.